Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Annual BB Society Meeting

Last weekend Ros, Andy and myself travelled over to Rugby for the 11th Annual General Meeting of The BB Society.  The meeting was held at the Temple Reading Room where BB once taught as art master.  
The Temple Reading Room at Rugby School
All the biggest BB fans were there and there were a couple of little stands selling early editions of BB's books and his artwork printed onto note cards.  I was also able to get a look at a collection of prints of illustrations by John Worsley.  These were created for Anglia TV's adaptation of 'The Little Grey Men'.  Something we have been desperate to have a look at.  I bought myself a couple of note cards with BB's distinctive scraper board illustrations on the front and Ros picked up an early edition of one of her favourite BB books.
Illustration by John Worsley for Anglia TV's
1975 adaptation of 'The Little Grey Men'
The first part of the meeting gave us an insight into the work the society has been doing for the last year and what they are planning next.  The society is currently putting together an archive of BB's work including his books, artwork and articles from the 'Shooting Times'.  A collection of this archive was on display for members to look at.  We had a hot lunch provided by Rugby school, about half way through the meeting, and it was nice to sit down and chat with some members of the society.  Lunch was followed by two presentations and some time to look around at the BB merchandise on offer. There was an auction for a specially commissioned piece donated to the society by Julian Driver.  The plaque of the famous quote at the start of all of BB's books was hand carved by Stone Mason, Alf Herbert who gave a short talk on how it was made.
A specially commissioned piece by Alf Herbet which was up for auction. 
Overall we had a nice afternoon and were able to fully immerse ourselves in the culture of BB.  It was great to meet people who are truly passionate about BB and who are working hard to preserve his legacy for future generations.