Wednesday, 25 April 2012

BB's World Screening: Venue Change

Due to unsettled weather forecasted for next weekend and the ground being very wet, we have decided to move this Saturday’s (April 28th) screening of BBs World to Sudborough Village Hall, Main Street, Sudborough, NN14 3BX The hall is in the middle of the village on the only road that goes through the village and parking will also be on this road.

The nice thing about this new venue is that it is in the villiage of BB's last home, The Roundhouse.

The event is scheduled to start at 7pm as originally planned  (it is only 10 minutes drive from Lyveden New Bield) and at least we will be warm and comfortable.

If you have any queries, please contact Ros on             01536 370108      

BB's World Projection Test at Lyveden

So the film is finally complete and last night Ryan, Andy and I travelled up to Lyveden New Bield to meet up with Ros and the projection guy, Ken. The aim of the meeting was to test the projection of the film outside and to make sure the place would be suitable to fit 60 odd people, a campfire, projector and screen.  We also had to have a good think about how the weather might effect the original plan to hold this event outdoors.  It was quite a nice evening although slightly cold.  The atmosphere at the wooded area at Lyveden is so peaceful.  You really feel like you're taken away to another time. This small area of woods is the perfect setting to have an event celebrating the life of BB.
Ryan looking tiny against nature
We did some projection tests with two of Ken's projectors.  The second projector being the winner giving us a beautiful full HD projection!  This was something we wanted to get spot on so we're really pleased with the results! :)
Ryan and Andy checking out Ken's test setup for the projection
So after two hours standing outside in the freezing cold with wet soggy feet our decision on holding the event at Lyveden was made for us.  With the biting wind and the muddy ground sinking under our feet we decided to move next Saturdays screening to an indoor venue.  The screening will now be held at Sudborough Village Hall, Main Street, Sudborough, NN14 3BX
It is a shame that we can't hold the first screening in these beautiful woods but we had to accept that mother nature was against us this time.  Rather than force everyone out into the cold we decided it would be much better if we were all comfortable and inside in the warm.  Fingers crossed there will be a chance to hold another outdoor screening at Lyveden later in the year.  I will leave you with a picture of the soggy ground and my sad wet feet so you can see what we'll be missing out on by having the screening indoors.  :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

The final week!

My workstation. Post-it central
My lovely checklist and shot reference sheet
It's been a busy couple of weeks but we're almost there now! :) Just a few more tweaks and the credits slides need to be completed then it'll be time for the render before laying down the final sound on Sunday.  Hopefully this time next week we'll have the film rendered in lovely full HD and ready for projection! yay!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sound Session with Phil

The start of this week saw Phil coming up for a visit to Northamptonshire to give me and Andy a hand in Logic. I know Phil from my university days when he was working as a sound technician at the Norwich Art School. He provided no ends of help to me and all my classmates on our graduation films.  He is a brilliant sound designer and has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve! :) We adjusted the sound for the first half of the film before Phil had to leave to catch his train.  It was a really great session and now the rest of the soundtrack is up to me and Andy to do next week! Fingers crossed we can remember everything Phil showed us. :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

After Effects Time!

Lovely dual screen is perfect for After Effects
So the animation period is over! The last few months have seen us work our way through 66 shots and they are all looking great! It is now just 27 days until the screening and the production has moved from Flash into After Effects for some fun compositing! :)  Ryan has already started integrating the butterflies into the shots with BB and they look lovely.

I have taken a week off work over the Easter break so I can spend the next 8 days getting this film finished! :)
Today Phil Archer a sound technician from my old uni will be paying us a visit so we can lay down the soundtrack on the film so far.  Exciting stuff!  Will try and update again soon but it's gonna be a busy week so I'm not making any promises. ^-^