Saturday, 11 February 2012

Animatic and Foley session

Ryan and the two Andy's popped over for a meeting last week to discuss foley and look at the animatic.  Ryan hooked the laptop up to our TV and we all gathered around the big screen which was fun. What I originally thought might be a quick look at the animatic turned into a very detailed break down of it.  We spent nearly 5 hours looking at the thing! With some tea, biscuits and chats in between. :)  It was great to have some fresh eyes on it as I've been staring at it alone for weeks. Now we've got some animation complete its getting easier to see how shots are working together. We made a few tweaks and cut some shots and I'm feeling good! :) I've had my doubts over the animatic over the last few weeks but these have now pretty much gone.
Animatic shot featuring the young BB fishing by the river
Last week also saw a little facelift on the blog with a new banner at the top featuring the new promotional still for the film.  I want to say a big thanks to Simon and Rachinta for helping me out with this one. The image will be part of a press release for the screening which I will be able to post more details about soon. :)

The animation output has been speeding up this last month with 20 shots ready to go! :)  Not quite half way but we're getting there.  We've had to say a sad farewell to Mui this week.  He is off to Germany for some kinda animation adventure. :)  So good luck to him and a big thank you for all he has contributed to the project.  With that one goodbye I wanted to end this post with a hello and welcome to our newest animator, Valentina, who has joined the team this week.  

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